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All Tobacciana

At Memory Lane - Antiques, Vintage, & Collectibles.

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Bottles & Decanters

Item #



Click here to enlarge image and see more about item qava: Antique Chinese Guyue Xuan Milk Glass Snuff Bottle

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Antique Chinese Guyue Xuan Milk Glass Snuff Bottle At Memory Lane, I offer to you this milk glass snuff bottle with a polychrome enameled painting of birds and fowers, a narrow mouth, and the Qianlong Mark on the bottom.
I will preface this description by saying I know absolutely nothing about snuff bottles. I acquired this snuff bottle a few months back to accentuate my Victorian Milk Glass. Since that time, I have researched online and have acquired a few books in order to educate myself about the snuff bottle. I have given you this introduction so that you will understand that I am NOT an expert. A lot of the description is purely a regurgitation of what I have attempted to learn and does not indicate, in any way, any knowledge or expertise pertaining to snuff bottles or the Chinese culture. I have attempted in this description to try to avoid stealing terminology that others might use, but still describing the "piece" to my best ability. So…please forgive me if I use the wrong terminology to describe the bottle, I will do the best that I can. I am sure that many true collectors of snuff paraphernalia will probably have a good chuckle over this description. Just bear, in mind, where it is coming from – a novice.

Material: I would call this Antique Milk Glass. But I know that those in the snuff bottle world, would not describe it as such. I believe, they would call this a milky white glass. I collect and sell Victorian Milk Glass, so I guess that is why I am inclined to call it milk glass. In fact, that is why I first acquired this bottle – to add to my Victorian milk glass collection. It is of the same era, but simply a different flavor and does not fit with my collection (which is mostly EAPG, i.e. American, with a spattering of European).

Height with Stopper: 2 11/16" +/- (just shy of 2 ¾" +/-; 68 ½ +/- mm
Height of Bottle Alone: 2 3/16" +/- (just shy of 2 ¼" +/-); 55 +/- mm
Mouth Width: 11/16" +/-; 17 +/- mm
Opening Hole Width: ¼" +/-; 6 +/- mm

Creation Date: Late 1800s to early 1900s. (I believe, this is considered the Qing Dynasty.)

Short Description: The body of the glass is hollow; the front and back pictures are different – on one side is two blue and white birds on branches with three pink and white flowers, on the other side is two yellow birds on branches with two of these same pink and white flowers; the mouth is quite narrow and the lip is straight; the base, which is just slightly recessed is marked and is sits flat on the table; the sides are decorated with three different flowery type of designs, each side is a duplicate of the other; the neck has a geometric design – almost like the Greek key pattern, the color of this geometric design is of a cinnamon bark, a red fox, a bit darker color than of a pumpkin when it has sat on the vine for far too long (Sorry, I am a gardener.), a burnt sienna, or wet brick color ; the base is marked with the four character Qianlong mark; the top of the stopper is made of some type of quartz stone; and the thin plate attached to the stopper is mother of pearl.

Other Colors – not noted elsewhere: mellow yellow on side design, light green on side design, black on mother of pearl, dark green on front and back, brown on front and back, dark blue on bottom mark, and orangey on stopper.

Condition: I would consider this to be in very good antique condition. Please be aware that the little spoon is not attached to the stopper, nor does it exist – at least, not in my world.

Pictures: I have shown you every angle of the bottle and the stopper – trying to avoid any duplication, so please view them, they are an integral part of this description.

So there you have it. I hope, I have not butchered the description, too much. My intent was to describe this little gem as best I could – with my limited knowledge. I thank you for bearing with me and making it to the end.

At Memory Lane qava

Circa: Antique, Qing Dynasty, Victorian
Condition: Used
Size: Decanter & Stopper Height: 2 11/16". Decanter Height Alone: 2 3/16"; Mouth Width: 11/16"
Color: Milky White w Various Enameled Opaque Vibrant Colors
Type: Bottle
Country of Origin: CN
Manufacturer: Guyue Xuan, Qianlong  

Your Price: $545.00
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Item #



Click here to enlarge image and see more about item qavb: Russian Antique Black Lacquered Snuff Box

Click for more detail...


Russian Antique Black Lacquered Snuff Box AtMemoryLane.

This Russian snuff box has a delicately hand painted miniature fairytale painting on a beveled oval disk atop the box. The hand painted filigree is very detailed. It is NOT marked or signed. The inside is red lacquered, while the exterior is black lacquered. In addition, there hinge is metal and is in excellent working order.

Material: Wood
Color: Black Mostly
Length: 2 5/8" +/-
Width: 1 7/8" +/-
Depth – excluding the raised top: 15/16" +/-
Creation Date: 1800s (guesstimate)
Maker: unkown
Bottom Mark: None. There is no signature or initials anywhere on the small box.

Condition: Good. There is slight crackling to the paint. The hinge works perfectly with absolutely no obstruction or difficulty. There is minor wear to the box.


At Memory Lane qavb AtMemoryLane

Circa: Antique
Condition: Used
Size: 2 5/8 x 1 7/8 x 15/16 inches
Color: Black, Red, and Various Other Colors
Type: Boxes
Country of Origin: RU
Manufacturer: Unknown Antique  

Your Price: $28.88
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